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We are into Bulk Purchase of Petroleum Products
Total Grace Oil & Gas Ltd
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Total Grace Oil & Gas Ltd
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  • Bulk Purchase of Petroleum Products

Retail of Petroleum Products


Total Grace Oil & Gas Investment Limited been founded by the Chairman of the company, Dr. Henry Bolaji Akinduro, is incorporated under the company and Allied Matter Acts 1990 Laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria as suppliers and marketers of petrochemical, natural gas and other derivatives. The company is a subsidiary of Total Grace Group.

Company Vision

To provide world class best customer service for our customers all over the world To be represented in all the countries in the world.

Company Mission

To be the best in all our lines of business.

Company Objectives

  • To carry on business as suppliers and marketers of petroleum, LPG plants, oil & gas petrochemicals, natural gas and other derivatives.
  • To operate, establish and own fuel stations and serve as agent of NNPC for distribution of gas, petrol, kerosene, diesel, cooking gas and petrochemicals throughout Nigeria.
  • To run and maintain petroleum oil and gas services company and engage in repairs of refineries.

Fuel Stations and Locations

The company currently have twenty-five (25) fuel stations within Ibadan and its environs and we owe it to our customers duty of care and sincerity, ensuring they get value for their money. We task our staff to strictly adhere to the company’s policy and maintain its high integrity by ensuring that ‘a liter is a liter’.  

Marketing & Campaign Strategies

One of the most classic advertising tactics is jingles, be it on television or radio. The company shall make use of the under listed marketing tools to achieve high market share: Radio jingles, Seasonal raffle draws, Continuous promotional raffle draws from commencement of operations at the filling stations. Customized gift items to instill customer loyalty. Sustaining the integrity posture of the company of giving customers value for their money. The “a liter is a liter “policy shall be maintained.

Contact Details

Corporate Headquarters: City tower 2, 48 Sheik Zayeh Road, World Trade centre 1, Dubai UAE

Africa Headquarters: 272A Patience Coker Street, Ajose Adeogun street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Phone Number: +2349058191370, +971 556910934, +2348150823180